Week 1 Know How The Internet Operates And The Facilities Available

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Know how the internet operates and the facilities available: How the internet works Week 1

1. Introduction
How can businesses use internet

To Advertise
To Communicate
To Entertain
To Inform
To Publish
To Recruit
To Research
To Sell
To Support
To Train

It is predicted that users will use the internet in the near future to do all their businesses such as On-line buying
Information search
You need to know how servers and internet service providers link together And how these links conform to different protocols

2. How the internet works
Twenty or thirty years ago
you could walk into a public library to find information on almost any subject you wanted Nowadays
We can sit down at practically any computer,
Almost anywhere on the planet, and
Access an online information library far more powerful than any public library on Earth The World Wide Web
The Web was invented less than 20 years ago
Has been a huge popular success
One of the greatest inventions of all time

2.1 What is difference between internet and the web?
Common mistake to confuse the worldwide web (WWW) and internet Internet existed for over 50 years
It is the “web” that makes internet important to use
The basic techniques enable computers to talk to each other

2.2 Internet
Internet made up of thousands of networks worldwide
No one in charge of Internet - No governing body
Internet backbone owned by private companies
The word internet come from – Interconnected networks
The Internet is a worldwide network of computers
Linked mostly by telephone lines
The Web is just one of many things (called applications) that can run on the Internet When you send an email, you're using the Internet
When you chat to someone online, you're most likely using the Internet too When you update a blog or Google for information to help you write a report, you're using the Web over the Net

2.3 What does the internet do?
The Internet has one very simple job: to move computerized information (known as data) from one place to another The machines that make up the Internet treat all the information they handle in exactly the same way Internet works like the postal service

Letters are simply passed from one place to another, no matter who they are from or what messages they contain The same applies to the Internet

2.4 The web
The Web is the worldwide collection of
text pages,
digital photographs,
music files,
videos, and
What makes the Web so special is the way all this information is connected together The basic building blocks of the Web are pages of text —Web pages Computers on the internet are not linked to a “mega-computer” which holds all the information Within the network – some computers hold some information

We need to access those information
Collectively, all the world's linked-up computers are called the Internet This arrangement is known as “client-server” architecture A collection of Web pages on the same computer is called a website Every web page has highlighted phrases called links (or hypertext links) Clicking one of these takes you to another page on the website or another website entirely

2.5 The internet and World Wide Web
Computer network
Any technology that allows people to connect computers to each other The Internet
A large system of interconnected computer networks spanning the globe World Wide Web
A subset of computers on the Internet

2.6 Connecting to internet
A computer or PDA or cell phone
An account with an ISP (Internet Service Provider)
A modem (modulator/demodulator) for dial-up services or a NIC (Network Interface Card) for DSL/Cable services

Home network (Single network)

Home network (multiple machines)

Home wireless network

3. Servers and clients
Server – Computers offering services
Clients – Computers requesting information
Internet works on basis that some computers act as servers
These computers offer services...
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