impact of social networking sites

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1.1 Background of the study 1-2
1.1.1 Statement of the problem 3
1.1.2Importance of the statement 3
1.1.3Limitation of the study4
1.2Objectives of the research 4
1.3 Literature review5-7
1.3.1 Conceptual framework8
1.4 Research methods9
1.4.1 Research methodology9
1.4.2 Site selection9
1.4.3 Research design9
1.4.5 Nature and source of the data
1.4.6`Tools and technique of data collection
1.4.7 Data analysis and presentation

1.1 Background of the Study
Internet is a very essential part of life from shopping to electronic mails and education, internet is very important. It is a very large community which is using internet for pure education but unfortunately we have also a very large number of people including majority of youth and teenager using Internet only for social networks. Internet is very big evolution of technology but when we talk about the social networks it is extremely dangerous for youth and become enormously common and widespread in past few years. The phenomena of social network is quite simple to understand, it is a web based facility which all individual us to build a profile identity and generate subjective associations and connections among himself and list of other friends and communicate with them at a central location. These websites are powered by many international companies because these websites are centrally visited by millions of people thus companies can get benefit of advertisements, this is how social networks are get paid; user can register himself free of cost in social networking sites like, and etc.People get connected to one another after registration and then post news, information, fake news and other things including videos and pictures etc. Although social network can be used for good purposes but it is generally used for involvement of digital snapshots, illuminating demographic material and information, exposing securities, and conducting online conversations, because many communities motivate user for this kind of inappropriate actions and these communities has almost spoiled the image of social networks. In late 1990’s social network born with Web 2.0 introducing features of blogging and posting with the website named (1997) which allows user to create profiles and make friends, later it come up with new features in year 2003 a new face of social networks and but in year 2003 and change the total concept of social networks in the history of social media and web sciences, it changes the definition of social networks. After year 2003 social networks were very much advance with new features, by new features the user even can change the whole front end appearance of the website on his profile.

1.1.1 Statement of the problem
For the study of impact of social networking in students life have arisen various research problems, which problems are solving by the help of the various tools and techniques with setting some specific objective. It has some research problem and question which are as below. How the social networks...

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