impact of newspaper in the age of electronic media

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The impact of newspaper in the age of electronic media
Today many can say that electronic media(TV, satellite) is ruling the whole news arena. But the impact of printed news is something different. When we watch TV news, one can easily switch the channel with remote, the impact of what we saw in the news channel may easily be diverted in our mind by other sport channel, serial or movie. But that hardly happens when we read newspaper with a cup of tea in morning breakfast. The news directly hits our refreshed minds as the purpose of news should be. We can concentrate on letters printed on the paper, merely having any distractions like satellite.

Impact of electronic media is undeniable. But newspaper does something more permanent. We can miss some point of news in 1 hour telecast , but newspaper presents it in details .It is difficult to miss any important news there with big headlines unless you are in a hurry. Sometimes necessary adds(job, scholarship) are found in newspaper while turning pages .But that is not possible in TV satellites. Promotions of mobile companies, Eid offers, etc are available in the printed news. That will be impossible to get all that in one channel or one site.We get all kinds of news-history,culture,tradition,politics, social view in one paper ,but never in one channel or website. So, the power of printed news remains superior even in the flourish of electronic media. The fact that we see news in the TV may seem more modern, but what we read in the newspaper , that has more permanent effect on our mind.

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