How to Improve English Listening Skills

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Abstract: At present domestic education, test-oriented education plays an important role .In the exams, news listening is the weakest link for many students. How to win with flying colors in the listening exams? This paper will give you a key.” The aid of this paper is to improve English news listening. As an important part of listening , it is different from other parts. Therefore, analyzing the features of news is the basis to improve the ability . At first , the paper analyses the news features. Some examples and figures will be given. The focus of this paper is laid on the second part which gives several methods to improve the skill. Many details and valuable information will be contained. The third part is about the signifience of news listening and the last conclusion. Keywords: news; features; skills; signifience

I. Features of News Language

News refers to the true report of the latest events. As a special form, its language , grammar , structure are different from others. 1.Vocabulary
(1)Special Words
Although news uses a large vocabulary ,the basic vocabulary of language is stable .For example, the common words that used in VOA Special English News are about 1500, whose rate of repeating is very high .News often uses certain words to express facts and events. Therefore, these words are gradually getting the special meanings that related with news reports through a long time used ,so-call journalistic words . There are some examples following. The former is often used in news , and the later is often used in common articles. ban prohibition cut reduction

clash disagreementboost rise
curb decrease shock astonishment News reports are the latest information all over the world .So involve persons ,places counties, some rivers mountains scenic spots and historic sites. Be familiar with those words listeners know the news more quickly and accurately. (2)Short Words

English news strives to use limited words to express the content , so the words must be clear , laconic . News diction prefers those short, pithy verbs, which are usually monosyllables. Because they are vivid and nimble . These words are called synonyms of all work . For instance , “damage” is not used, instead, “hit” “harm” “hurt" There are some examples:

ace = champion
alter =change or modify
ban =prohibit or forbid
spur =encourage
sway =influence
vie =compete
In order to save time and cut short the length ,constrictions are used a lot , For examples: WB(World Bank) , ASP(American Selling Price) , WTO (World Trade Organization) , GATT(General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) 2.Grammer

In English news , present is widely used. To make the listeners feel true and make the events are in progress , the title and body usually use present instead of past. Besides, even in the object clause after the words such as : maintained ,declared, reported, rumored , ect. Present often takes place of past . (2)More Extensive Simple Sentence

News reports are also characterized by the use of long sentences. In order to express lots of information into the limited length , the common method is using appositives, preposition phrases to extent simple sentences . (3)More Adjuncts

Another main features of news diction is that using more adjuncts to make the sentence complicated .Some listeners may can not seize the core parts so that feel it is difficult. For example : Deputy head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s North American Affairs Bureau, and Japanese Deputy head of the Defense Agency’s Defense Policy Bureau , will meet US Deputy Defense Undersecretary for Asian and Pacific Affairs and others at the three-day meeting starting from Tuesday. The subjects are : Deputy head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s North American Affairs Bureau, and Japanese Deputy head of the Defense Agency’s Defense Policy Bureau. But the subjects are so long that distract the listeners easily....
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