impact of 3d printing on business

Topics: Karl Marx, Inkjet printer, Means of production Pages: 11 (2708 words) Published: March 1, 2015
INTRODUCTION---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF 3D PRRINTING-------------------------------------------------------------------3 ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH PERSISTENCE USE OF 3D PRINTING---------------------------------4 IMPACT OF 3D PRINTING ON BUSINESS INNOVATIONS---------------------------------------------5 CONCLUSION------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 REFERENCE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 APPENDIX----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 SAMPLE BIBILOGRAPH----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9

The use of expropriate technology in a well organised system can have a positive effect on day to day operations, technology has and will continue to influence organisation in a variety of ways. Through the years, new technologies and methods have been developed through research and development, which simplifies and reduces tasks needing manual skills and strength. If properly applied, it can increase productivity (Lucey 2005). 3D can be refers to three dimensional i.e. something that had width, height and length; it’s an object that occurs on three axis. Our physical environment is three dimensional technology and we move around in 3D every day. It allows for various dimensions what seems flat to human view or eye trying to (Miller & Contributor 2014). The technology has been successful in earning quite a momentum as a valid widely adopted entertainment technology many industries have also started to incorporate similar method, principally for marketing purpose. Earlier 3D technology was expensive and difficult to use but today, the scenario has changed completely one can find uses of the 3d technology almost on every sphere which is not confined to only games and entertainment, but there are multiple uses of 3d technology in pc, Architecture medical and business industry as well as in education too. It is possible to make a part from scratch in just an hour. It allows designers and developers to go from flat screen to exact part ( 2014a). The inception of 3d printing can be traced back to 1970, when the inject printer was invented in 1984 the development strategy employed on the inkjet concept transformed the technology from printing with ink to printing materials. Since the inception of the technology numbers of applications of 3d printing has been developed across several industries such as automotive, aviation, do it yourself, manufacturing, medical, jewellery to mention but few. This work will examines the issues associated with 3d printing and it impact on business innovations.


(makeuseof n.d.) We live in an age of what most people refer to as the third industrial revolution. 3D printers is hot topic for the general public and most widely used technology, which uses a variety of very different types of additive manufacturing technologies, but they all share one thing in common which is by creating a three dimensional object of virtually any shape and adding materials layer by layer. It can be described as a 3D digital model before manufacturing and the model is sliced into many thin layers electronically by the 3d printing software, in the process of printing the object is formed one layer after another, one can create own design once the printer receive the data, the most colouring material use in 3d printing is powdered plastic nylon, plastic filament and other materials. The...
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