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Topics: Orthographic projection, Drawing, Depth perception Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Understanding Projection & Views

Orthographic Projection
Orthographic Projection is a way of visualizing different views of an object from there different sides such as a top view, front view, side view, the object is rotated so that the viewer viewing the object can see each individual side as the part is rotated. These Views are then drawn on a sheet of paper, enough views are drawn of the object to Help the person manufacturing the part to get a good visualization of what the part looks Like. The most common views drawn of an object in an orthographic drawings are the front view, top view, and right side view. After the views have been drawn on a sheet of paper notes and dimensions are then added.

Principle Views
In orthographic projection there are 6 principle views of an object, front, top, L side, R side, rear, and back views. The three most commonly views drawn on a technical drawing are the front, back, and side views most other views are not needed. Other views may be needed in order for the person who is creating the Part, to better visualize it in order to properly manufacture it. A well viewed

Shape Description
Most objects in the world today are created in 3 dimensions, they display height, width, and length hence the term 3D (Three dimensional). Most Orthographic drawings are drawn showing these three dimensions

Multiview Drawings
Most prints today are often created in the form of multiview drawings. A multiview drawings is usually required when more than one view of the object being drawn is needed to accurately describe the shape of the object to the person responsible for creating it. One View Drawing - Parts that may need only one view draw of it are simple cylindrical part. Two View Drawings - Parts that may need 2 views draw of it maybe rectangular or square in shape with no irregular surfaces. Three View Drawings - In orthographic drawing the most commonly used arrangement of views drawn is the three view drawing....
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