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Table of Contents
Table of Contentsi
Executive Summary1
Question 12
Google Glass3
Ongoing Corporate Planning3
Ongoing Market Planning4
Ongoing Technology Management5
Opportunity Analysis/Serendipity5
Ansoff Matrix6
Market Penetration7
Market Development7
Product Development8
Multidimensional Concept of Google Glass9
Brand Name9
Quality Specifications9
Level of Service10
Question 211
Dilemma of Google in Innovation Management11
Uncertainty Management12
Quadrant 112
Quadrant 212
Quadrant 313
Quadrant 413
Organization Characteristic14

Executive Summary
In this assignment, it will be separated into 2 parts. First part will be talking about the Google Glass and the case background, followed by the discussion of feasible application of Google based on Google Glass. The multi-dimensional concept of Google Glass development will also being discussed in detailed in the first part. After that, second part of this assignment will be talk about the dilemma and the difficulty of managing uncertainty in the Google Company. The organizational characteristic of Google will also being discussed in deep to understand how its facilitate innovation process in the company.

Question 1
Google Glass was created by the Google Inc., which hosting one of the most popular search engine in the world that allow every users to look for whatever information that available in the world wide web. (Karch, 2015) Google was founded on 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with mission of “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Larry Page was the first CEO in Google Inc. until 2001 and enabled the company to grow profitability and employed more than 200 employees. On later, year 2001 to 2011, Larry has becomes the president of products in the company and the CEO position was passed to Eric E. Schmidt. Whereas, another co-founder, Sergey Brin served as a present of technology from year 2001 to 2011 and now he works to direct special projects in the company. (Google, 2015) Google create many category of software products as well as hardware. Some popular and well-known software that Google produced would be the Google Web Search which allowed users to search billions of web pages available in the World Wide Web, Google Chrome which is a simple and fast web browser, Google Maps which allowed users to view maps and navigate and more. (Google, 2015) Other than that, Google also provide business solution on and off the web to mainly support the entrepreneurs and publishers. The solutions provided by Google are basically are Google My Business which allow the business to being easily searched with correct information, Google AdWords and Analytics that helps in advertising and business and more. (Google, 2015) Google is also very active in creating hardware and the hardware that involved with google are mostly very creative and innovative. Google has taken part in building smartphone and Project Ara is one of them. The Project Ara is basically a project to create the smartphone that enabled customizability on its hardware depends on users’ preference. Other than that, Google also took part in automobile which they created the prototype of self-driving car which enabled the car to being total controlled by artificial intelligence. The target product discussion of this assignment, Google Glass is also one of the most popular hardware products that Google has implemented. (McCormick, 2014) Google Glass

Based on the given case study, the Google Glass has been made to assist users in daily life with a small screen with 640 x 360 display, camera, touchpad and more that embedded into a spectacle frames. The users can basically take photos/videos and extend the functionality of smart phones. The users can control the functions of the Google Glass by...

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