Google Glass Project

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Google Glass:
Three Recommendations for Google

Will Google, Inc.’s Google glasses be successful in the market of the new headphone technical field? On June 28, Google unveiled its Project Glass demo at Google I/O in San Francisco. The attendees watched a real-time video taken by the Google’s Project Glasses that were worn by a group of skydivers who jumped from an airplane. This glass will lead people into a new generation of high-tech products. However, how can Google make a successful release for Google glasses? This will be related to the fate of the entire Google company. Google is one of the best companies in the world now. By providing the most popular and powerful search engines and bringing the market various innovative products, it has achieved a huge amount of loyal users. Most of these users are willing to seek information, gain knowledge, and be well acquainted with all that revolves around the environment they live in, which makes them potential buyers or at least followers of the new Project Glass. Besides, Google’s numerous and diversified products, such as Android, Google+, Google Map, Google Talk, Chrome and Gmail, they can all be integrated with Project Glass and form a complete system for users. On the other hand, a wearable computer (or smartphone) is a totally new market, so as the first company to step in, it is easy for Google to establish its leading position in this industry. In order for Google glasses to be successful in the technological market, the glasses need to be safe, perfected, and advertised well. Firstly, Google glass is a special product as navigation tool. On October 31st, there was news about illegally wearing Google glasses while driving by a CNN report. After this report, Google had to prove its products are suitable for driving. According to media reports from CNN, a woman named Cecilia Abadie recently posted a traffic ticket through the social networking sites. The first charge is a ticket for speeding, the second charge is “the driver is using a visual display screen during one’s driving,” that is because of her Google Glass (2013). The police think she is not safe while driving with Google glasses. According to Kelly (2013), “The California law cited in Abadie's case is meant to prevent people from watching television while driving. V C 27602 prohibits televisions and similar monitors from being turned on and facing the driver. There are exceptions for GPS and mapping tools and screens that display camera feeds to help the driver navigate. If a device has a safety feature that limits its display to approved uses while driving, it can be allowed” (CNN, 2013) Earlier this year, the U.S. lawmakers proposed to amend the traffic safety rules to prohibit the wearable display device used in the car, but the bill has not passed yet. Therefore, driving with Google Glass is legitimate or not is still inconclusive. In this regard, Abadie said the United States government has not defined the law very clearly because the glasses are less likely than the GPS navigation function or a smartphone to distract drivers. She also said she did not use Google Glass anymore before she was stopped by the police, and she would “appeal” this case. Driving while wearing Google Glass is one of the most special functions for Google Glass. Consumers will not purchase a product that may cause wearers to get traffic tickets. People want something legal to use. If Google Glass is illegal for driving, Google will lose plenty of Google Glass buyers. People need Google to prove to the government and the public that Google Glass can be allowed on the road and safe for driving. Kelly stated, “There are a lot of people who think navigating with Google Glass is safer than the other navigation devices. Glass fans defended the technology in comments on Abadie's post, saying that a voice-activated screen close to the eye could actually be safer than trying to check a...

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