Imagine Me

Topics: Mean, Environment, American Dream Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Imagine me: written by Sheniél Armbrister
Imagine me, a success story. Imagine me, with a high ranking profession. Imagine me, a legacy left behind after my departure from earth. Imagine me, exceeding average limitations, higher than the sky. Imagine me Sheniél Debra Denise Armbrister making a reputable name and making my imaginations my reality. What does it mean for one to imagine? To first understand and comprehend, one must acknowledge the paramount, preeminent definition that corresponds with this minuscule seven letter word. In any English dictionary, the definition of the word “imagine” can be epitomized as “a mental image of something not present to the senses. Individualistically, the word “imagine” has an entirely different definition- it means, symbolizes and represents life and reality. You may be wondering “How can that mean life and reality?”, well if you just bear with me I will be exhilarated to elaborate on why I say the word “imagine” to me is life and reality. When I imagine I am in an environment where the main atmosphere is one of gleefulness and ecstatic joy. This is where my opposition to the definition of the word “imagine” comes in. The sensation I get when my imagination ignites is so intoxicating that it sends tingles running up my spine; I can see myself in the environment that makes me happy, hear the sounds within that environment and feel the overwhelming sense of jubilance. When I imagine, what I visualize is so apparent and clear that I feel, see and hear it. My imagination is always evolving and progressing all day long. It has become my reality. So what is it that I imagine that causes such a vigorous reaction and ignites such a luminous spark inside of me? Well, to sum it all up, when I imagine, what I feel, see and hear is my future. Yes that is correct, my future. At the blooming age of nine, I would sit and play with my toy dolls and they would always be children whom I took care of. I would give the dolls bandages,...
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