Im to Be Associated with a Progressive Organization That Gives Me Scope to Update My Knowledge and Skills in Accordance with the Latest Trends and Be a Part of Team That Dynamically Works Towards the Growth of

Topics: Law, Logic, Reasoning Pages: 4 (724 words) Published: March 17, 2013

Yashwanth R
Bengaluru, India

Aim to be associated with a progressive organization that gives me scope to update my knowledge and skills in accordance with the latest trends and be a part of team that dynamically works towards the growth of organization and gain satisfaction there of.

Work History
Indo Legal Inc. May 2010 - Present

1. Oral Communication
• convey information in a clear, concise, and logical manner. • Communicate persuasively.
• Advocate a position or a cause.

2.written communication
• Learn how to write organized, concise and persuasive prose. • Draft effective legal documents such as motions, briefs, memorandums, resolutions and legal agreements.

3. Client Service
• Rainmaking and client development skills.
• Customer service skills.
• Client communication skills.

4. Analytical and Logical Reasoning
• Reviewing complex written documents, drawing inferences and making connections among legal authorities.
• Developing logical thinking, organization and problem-solving abilities. • Structuring and evaluating arguments.
• Using inductive and deductive reasoning to draw inferences and reach conclusions.

5. Legal Research
• Learn how to locate and analyze legal authority.
• Learn proper legal citation.

7. Knowledge of Substantive Law and Legal Procedure
• Local, state and federal court systems.
• Relevant filing deadlines.
• Fundamental principles of law in the practice areas in which they work. • Relevant legal terminology.

8. Time Management
• Superior multi-tasking skills.
• A strong work ethic.

BANGALORE, India May 2007 - Apr 2010
Bengaluru, India Jul 2004 - May 2009

Legal Analyst (Intermediate)
5-6 Years Experience, (Currently in use)

• Performed data entry and other office work.
• Conducted legal research and writing during the field experience. • Maintained records of the client’s case progress....
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