Im Not Scared Oral

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Oral Presentation – I’M NOT SCARED
1. Setting – Where does the action take place? Why? Does the setting have a symbolic meaning? Discuss the five main settings- Aqua Traverse, the valley and farmhouse, Filippo’s hiding place, Melichetti’s farm, the Gravina.

Setting: The main setting of the novel was Acqua Traverse, but the main setting of the whole novel was Filippos hiding spot. Symbolic Meaning: Knowing that Michele used to ride his dads bike, it makes the reader think that his family is poor. Aqua Traverse: Four little houses and an old country villa lost in the wheat. The neighbouring village was hidden by the mist. There wasn’t much water there (Except what they brought in a tanker once a fortnight). Salvatore lived in the villa. It is long and grey with big stone porch and an inner courtyard with a palm tree. There were two houses on each side with a rough road full of holes in the middle of it. Wheat was the only thing they can see around aqua traverse. There was a nice blue sign with “AQUA TRAVERSE” written on it. Farm house/valley: In ruins, few fig trees. The house was all broken and had dried up dung inside of it. Everything was rotten, rusty or broken Filippo’s hiding place: Prison, no escape, isolated, no hope, dirty, dark, couple of metres wide and two-two and half metres deep. Gravina: Small canyons, long crevasses dug by the water. Twisted olive trees inside of it, caves where sheep’s are put. Melichetti’s farm: Poor, harsh conditions of their lives, Children are scared, monsters, smelled like piss.
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