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December 15, 2014

Ms.Marilyn McDowell
1572 Holly Drive
Cincinnati OH 45202-1000

Dear Ms .McDowell

Thank you for your kind words concerning our company. We recently received your request for complimentary horseback riding tips for your fund-raising event, and we appreciate the importance of this request. Star River Resort receives over 400 requests each year from organizations working to fund worthy causes. Requests come from our guests, the local community, and from individuals in other states and countries. While we cannot honor all requests, we are pleased to help you with your worthy cause. We are enclosing two gift certificates for half-day horseback riding excursions. Each certificate is good for one year and for any day except Saturday. The cost of the gift certificate is $40 per person plus six percent sales tax ($42.40). This amount helps to cover our handling fees and some fixed expenses and is well below our retail price. Hopefully, you can auction the additional gift certificates for an amount that well allow you to make a fair return. For fund-raising purposes, you may purchase a maximum of four gift certificates per year. If you would like to order a gift certificate, please contact Joe Coward, Administrator Assistant at Star River Resort. Upon receipt of your check or credit card information you will receive a lovely portfolio that includes brochures and gift certificates.
We hope that our fund-raiding event is successful. We value our business relationship and hope to see you at Star River Resort soon.

Robert Jackson Manger
Marketing and Communication


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