If I Were the Mayor of Johore Bahru
Topics: Malaysia, Johor / Pages: 4 (796 words) / Published: Apr 15th, 2013

Johore Bahru is the capital city of Johor in southern Malaysia. It is an important industrial, tourism and commercial hub for southern Malaysia. People from far and wide visit it. But what impression do they carry with them? I do not think it can be anything for which we should feel proud of. Bad roads, poor sanitation and garbage lying in heaps—this is what a casual visitor to Johore Bahru sees.
But who is responsible for this sorry state of affairs? It is the Johore Bahru City Council which looks after the civic administration. Mayor is the head of a civic body and he has his team of councillors to help him. His post is, indeed, a post of great responsibility.
If I were mayor, I would try to make things easier for the people of Johore Bahru. I would start by fixing the potholes in the roads. Fixing our roads is important. There are many roads in Johor Bahru that are dangerous because drivers are trying to avoid hitting potholes. I often see drivers swerve to miss potholes including school buses. This is dangerous because drivers are focusing on missing potholes instead of the children walking along the road. . I would also construct more efficient roads, so our community has fewer potholes. Better roads would help tourism and draw more businesses and industry to our wonderful town.
Another area of focus is improving our park facilities. I would renovate public parks and provide them with new equipment. I would definitely change some of the parks so they are safer and more fun. This would bring more public attractions to Johor Bahru with new sport leagues. The park has some nice football fields, but the girls’ softball field, basketball courts and also the badminton courts’ facilities need improvement. I would try to improve and renew these fields. Some of the sports complexes should be change so that they are clean and neat. I would also apply grants from federal government to get money for new equipment for the parks.

If I were mayor, I would

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