If Voltaire Had a Time Machine.

Topics: Candide, Voltaire, Satire Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: December 3, 2012
What would he do if Voltaire had access to a time machine?
Francois-Marie Arouet is a well-known French satirist from the 1700's. Francois also goes by the name of Voltaire, he wrote stories, poems and basically every other type of literary work imaginable. Voltaire was a very opinionated philosopher and he had no problem stating his views. Voltaire actually spent a lot of time in jail for his comments and opinions; he was a trusted advisor to both Louis XV and Fredrick the Great of Prussia. Even as Voltaire served these rulers he also satirized them. Voltaire satirizes anything from the lack of separation of church and state to wealthy ignorant land owners. If Voltaire had access to a time machine in the 1700's and came to the year 2012 he would find a number of things to satirize including the deception of the army's recruiting techniques, the presidential debates, and that there are still people out there who sacrifice others for their belief in the greater god. Voltaire would choose to satirize these subjects because he has done so before in his story Candide or Optimism published in 1759, thus showing us that he would be surprised to see that some things have not changed. Today's deception of the army would be a definite subject for Voltaire to satirize because in Voltaire's time army recruiters took advantage of young men coming into this country. Army recruiters today take advantage of young men who do not know what to do with their futures. They tell these young men that coming into the army will make you strong, independent; that the army will prepare you for anything and that when you get out there will be jobs waiting in line for you. When the reality is that most veterans come out of the army and have nowhere to go. The things that they train you in, in the army have no real use in the society but the recruiter's don't tell you that. Voltaire satirized the sneakiness of the army in his story Candide by telling us of Candide's meet with...
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