Ideologies and Trends in Education

Topics: Black people, Racism, White people Pages: 5 (1643 words) Published: August 5, 2013
In this assignment we are looking at racism as the believe that a particular race is superior or inferior to another that a person’s social and moral traits are pre-determined his or her in born biological characteristics. Racism, in its most basic sense, refers to the characterization of people (based on race) with certain distinct traits. It is a belief that you can categorize people into groups based on genetics. It has been proven time and time again that traits occur in a variety of so-called "races" and that the races we believe exist actually are non-existent, from a scientific standpoint. DISCUSSING RACISIM IN SOUTH AFRICA

1 Categories of racism
Racism came with different mechanisms as an idea that was introduced by the race of the known kind (white people) who claimed the administration of the country South Africa using the basic categories of racism, scientific racism as one of the categories stated that people can be characterized by race with certain physical traits, such as the size of the brain ,slope of the forehead it even led to racial discrimination and the hairachy of races as one of the justifications of colonization , which in south Africa marked a great effect were the white race was dominant to the black in bases of liberty. (Refer to source 1A).

Source 1A as speculated by the group Institutional racism were the practice of activities protecting the advantages of the superior race (whites) certain structures in the societies were systematically established to discriminate certain groups ,in south Africa apartheid was structured to to suppress the black domination by law, similar to the Jim crow laws in United States of America. Racism lives between the attitude of people and their way of thinking for instance cultural racial discrimination people in this course discriminate one another because of the differences of religion cultural heritage, just like the setting of the apartheid policies, South African people have not yet healed the wounds caused by the late oppressive system their reaction to that is widely seen through the current politics and inferiority complex’s. historical racism defines some national symbols in superiority to other nations , just like in Germany the Aryan cross was set to be the superior symbol presenting Germany as the superior country these included the manipulation of a countries history, south Africa has experienced such historical manipulations in it history since most of what is written down there support the ruling party with it former delegates and just bypass the other people who fought against oppression belonging to some political organizations. 2.inception of racism

In South Africa the issue of racism started back when the English and Dutch colonized our country. The racial discrimination was institutionalized during the 1940s. The prohibition of mixed marriages act (1949) created legal boundaries between the races by making marriage and sexual relations illegal across the colour line. The Africans were moved by force into homelands and they were restricted to some of the area, only their identity book could distinguish their privilege to access some of their area referred to as non-black arrears In 1952 the ANC and its allies launched a passive resistance campaign. In 1953 the government assumed control of the African education. The Bantu education act denied blacks to get higher education. The following year the government decided to resettle 60 000 African’s, Indians and coloured into less privileged areas In 1995 the national conference of the ANC accepted the foundations of the congress of people which adopted the freedom chatter. It had four main effective clauses which were as follows: * The people shall govern

* All national groups shall have equal rights
* The people shall share the country’s wealth
A various views on apartheid...
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