Identifying the Benefits of Providing Excellent Customer Care

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: August 11, 2011

A customer is a person who gets some kind of a service or buys a product. This article highlights what are customers and their needs and what do they look when receiving a service, the benefits of providing excellent or high quality satisfaction to the customers who receives services.

Customer is a person who comes with a need or a want to be fulfilled. Fulfilling this specific need is called customer service. In general needs of human beings are categorized by Abraham Maslow into five different categories. They are physiological (needs of basics such as food, shelter clothing etc), security (money, general safety from threats identified), belongingness (love, being part of or caring from the people around), esteem (respect and position acquired in the community such as job) self actualization (developing something new or need to be differentiated from the general community).

Providing Excellent Services.

Identifying and catering for the specific need more than the customer expectations are called excellent customer services. When we identify what are the specific needs of a customer lets get into restaurant. The customers to a restaurant come to eat food. To the category of the customer to be served are identified by the type of food served in the restaurant.

If we look into the basics even the lowest level café can serve a very high quality customer service. It’s that how attentive staff is to the customers visiting the café. Giving attention to the customer is the process of identifying the customer needs and serves more than the customer expectations by means of attentiveness and effective communications. The most highly needed care for customer in a café or food serving outlets would be that giving the customer the massage that he is welcome and making him feel to serve the customer is important to the attending staff.

Benefits of providing excellent services

When some one is happy about something it is natural to...
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