Identify the Current Legislation and Codes of Practice Relevant to the Promotion of Equality and Valuing of Diversity

Topics: Disability, Human rights, Discrimination Pages: 7 (1813 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Current legislation:

Race Relations Act 1976 & 2000:
Schools have obligation to uphold good relationships between people from different backgrounds. Schools now required to have a race equality policy in place. The legislation gave powers to tackle racism by making direct or indirect discrimination illegal.

Code of Practise on the duty to promote race equality 2002
This is the government framework which assists schools to meet the requirements of the Race Relations Act 2000. It outlines ways schools through their race equality policy can promote race equality in their setting by reducing gap in education achievements between different ethnic groups and ensuring staff within the school are representative of a multicultural society.

1995/2005 Disability Discrimination Act:
. Public authorities have a duty to promote and reinforce quality for disabled people. . Schools built following this legislation are bound to provide appropriate facilities and access to people with disabilities, to include ramps and disabled toilets. . Pupils cannot be left out from excursions off site or any part of the curriculum because of a disability.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001:
This legislation made it illegal for schools to discriminate against children with SEN or physical disabilities. It aimed to ensure disabled people were offered the same educational opportunities and choices as that in mainstream society as schools now had a statutory duty to identify assess and make provision for pupil’s with special Educational needs.

SEN Code of Practise 2001:
. Children with SEN have increased entitlement to mainstream education. . The affect has been a higher number of children with SEN being included in mainstream schools monitor and review SEN provision. . Schools should regularly

Government’s strategy for SEN 2004
. Government strategy introduced with aim to raise achievement of pupils with SEN. The strategy contains a programme of ongoing action and review, in four key areas: -Early Intervention
-Removing barriers to learning
-Raising expectations and achievement
-Delivering improvements in partnership

Equality Act 2010

This act streamlined previous anti discrimination legislation to include further protected characteristics from discrimination. Schools will now be expected to gather and analyze equality information relating to all the protected characteristics of: race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, gender identity and age.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989
54 articles undertook by countries across the world showing a legislative commitment to children’s rights and welfare. Amongst which are the right:

. From Discrimination
. From Exploitation
. Best interests of child is primary consideration
. Children have right to express their views
. Children have a right to freedom of religion
. Children have equal right to education

Children’s Act 1989
Introduced to refine and reform existing child welfare legislation. The welfare of the child is paramount. Local authorities have responsibilities for the welfare of children and they are obliged by law to provide services to children with additional needs due to disabilities or health issues. A partnership was encouraged between family and the Local Authority, it stated children should not be removed from their family unless absolutely necessary. The concept of parental responsibility was established outlining responsibilities parents have regarding their children.

Education Act 1996
Schools now have responsibilities for children with SEN and they should provide additional resources/support to cater for their needs.

2004 Every Child Matters
Outcome of The Victoria Climbe Enquiry (2003) was this parliamentary Green Paper. 5 key issues were highlighted that every child should:
. Be Kept Safe
. Be Healthy
. Be Able to Enjoy...
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