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Task B.2

Job Description for a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Main purpose of the job:

The SENCO, with the support of the Headteacher and Governing Body, takes responsibility for the day to day operation of provision by the school for pupils with SEN and provides professional guidance in the area of SEN in order to secure high quality teaching and the effective use of resources to bring about improved standards of achievement for all pupils.

Main duties and responsibilities:

1. The SENCO will co-ordinate, with the support of the headteacher and within the context of he schools aims and policies, the development and implementation of the SEN policy (in line with the Code of Practice) in order to raise achievement and improve the quality of education provided.

Contribute to the development of a positive ethos in which all pupils have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and which contributes to pupils spiritual, moral, cultural,mental and physical development and in preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience for adult life. Support staff in understanding the learning needs of pupils with SEN and the importance of raising their achievement. Ensure that the objectives of the SEN policy are reflected in the school development plan, the effective systems are in place to identify and meet needs and that they are co-ordinated, monitored, evaluated and reviewed and the success of these systems are revised annually. Monitor the progress made in setting objectives and targets for pupils with SEN, assist in the evaluation of the effectiveness of teaching and learning, and use the analysis to guide further improvement. Advise the headteacher and governing body on the level of resources required to maximise the achievements of pupils with SEN. Liaise with and co-ordinate the contribution of external agencies. Analyse and interpret relevant national, local and school data plus research and...
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