Ideals of Democracy

Topics: Democracy, George W. Bush, Oligarchy Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: April 13, 2011

Democracy in simple word means the freedom of speech. A democratic country is where the people are given equal rights and their voice is heard. Unlike here in Pakistan where the people are oppressed or killed, if they speak against a certain party or the government. In a democratic country the will of the people should be the basis for the authority of government.

According to America’s ex President George W. Bush, the ideals of democracy are universal, and democracies have an obligation to promote them as a foundation for peace and prosperity. But sadly many countries do not live up to the idea of a democratic state or country. Democracy requires a set of arrangements through which each person’s preferences will have equal weight in taking the final decision. Otherwise the system which would prevail would have one person deciding dictatorship while the other may choose oligarchy. So in a democratic environment even the powerless people can have their voice heard.

The ideals of democracy include better living, i.e. promotion of citizenship, development of education institutions so that the principles of democracy are preserved by the people and last but not the least to maintain values and protect the individual rights. Democracy does not state that the country be run by a benevolent dictator who would single-handedly raise salaries, provide housing, education and medicine, wipe out corruption, ensure fair and unbiased media and appoint honest judges and regional officials. Rather, it provides freedom to become involved in solving many difficult problems that plague the society, with the rights to form organizations, start business, travel, and learn. This provides people to be true citizens.

If democracy reigns supreme then the media will be free, and would flourish, though they are not always fair and unbiased. They too often reflect the political views of their owners. But this will...
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