Ideal Nude

Topics: Cubism, Nudity, Pablo Picasso Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: October 8, 1999
How does the Photographers attitude of an ideal nude compare with those before the industrial revolution?, (has the perception of the nude changed since the invention of the camera).
Pablo Picasso was born in spain, however he lived most of his life in france. Picasso was a Genius, he was a master of almost any median. He ventured in many styles and with fellow Artist, Georges Braque, created "cubism". I feel that his strongest paintings, (those leaving lasting interest), would be his unusual and unique paintings of females. With the exception of his pornographic-like pieces, all of the poses that the females are in are classical and harmonious. In the painting, "THE DREAM" FIG 1-1, Picasso has added an extra finger on each hand and the left side of the face, (that wouldn't normally be seen from this profile). Not unlike Callahan Picasso here is illustrating that he knows a part of this woman that can only be seen through his eyes, subsequently he is showing us this view. In Picassos painting titled "LES DEMONISELLE D' AVIGNON", (THE YOUNG WOMEN OF AVIGNON) FIG 1-2. The mask like faces resembling Egyptian art were inspired by primitive African sculpture. Compare the female pose of the two centre and left centre with FIG 2-1, (taken out of a women's fashion magazine). The poses are very similar, I feel that this classical type of pose is still recognised to portray the female as confident. It is interesting to note Picasso has not included pubic hair on the women, this could be recognised as innocence, (where as pubic hair is portrayed as sexual dominance/power). Greeks created the natural human image in art, their statues consisted of highly detailed and realistic figures. The Greeks made their ‘ideal' male and female, Male being in the form of Apollo a very muscular god-like man. The female being Venus, however unlike Apollo, Venus was not show fully undressed. When creating the somewhat chubby Venus a child bearing stomach was taken into account and...

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