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  • The Art of Nudity

    large emphasis on the difference between nakedness and nudity‚ nakedness being the state of lacking clothes whereas nudity is the state where nakedness is objectified as an art form. Berger claims that the subject of most traditional European paintings is of the nude female figure‚ rather than the naked. However‚ there exist anomalies‚ such as in Ruben’s painting of his wife‚ where she is simply in a process of nakedness than a posed nudity. Ultimately‚ the dynamism of the work‚ unintended by the

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  • Nudity and Mirror Paul Rubens

    presentation of her smooth‚ bright skin and the silky golden hair are further enlivened by another contrast with the dark-skinned handmaid who stands beside her. Venus’ golden accessories‚ otherwise decorative additions to elaborate clothing‚ emphasize her nudity. The facial expression of Venus reflected in the mirror reveal pride and self confidence. She is the ultimate symbol of beauty and she knows it. She is aware of the viewer in a mirror. The mirror presents a face that is so well constructed‚ so perfectly

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  • A Christian Perspective on Nudity in Art

    A Christian Perspective on Nudity in Art By: Matthew Clark - Article Source from: The Association of Classical & Christian Schools John is a Christian who enjoys the arts and finds them edifying. He is particularly fond of the art of painting. Desiring to expand his art history knowledge‚ he visits the best‚ closest art museum he can find. Going from gallery to gallery‚ John begins to become discouraged and more than a little embarrassed because of all the nudity shown in the paintings. He finds

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  • Ryan Mcginley - Nudity/Art/Pornography

    Ryan McGinley – Nudity/Art/Pornography “When I was younger‚” said McGinley‚ “I was just a dumb kid doing drugs‚ getting fucked up and taking pictures‚ and now‚ I somehow turned my lifestyle into a profession. I don’t know how the hell that happened‚ but you know‚ I can pay my rent‚ so…” (NY Times 2010) Born on the 17th of October 1977 in Ramsey‚ New York‚ Ryan McGinley began his career taking pictures of his downtown friends. A day-to-day documentation of his generation’s raw‚ and sometimes-delirious

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  • Public Nudity and Human Reactions

    roam around topless in the streets of Toronto‚ and there is no question that some people find public nudity offensive. However‚ whether people should be offended is debatable; their reaction is often closer to confusion or embarrassment. The human body deserves to be shown and respected both for its beauty and its so-called “imperfections”. In the appropriate places and situations‚ public nudity can be comfortable‚ healthy and can ultimately break social barriers‚ which hinder communication between

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  • Nudity and Alpha Phi Omega

    I still vividly remember my first day in college. I was so excited in meeting new people. College felt like a liberation for me since I was far away from my family. It was my first time to be separated from them. It was a bit difficult at first to be with people I never knew. I didn’t know how I should behave just to fit in. But eventually‚ everything went smoothly. I met wonderful friends whom are still my best buddies even until now. Every time we would meet up‚ we will never fail to recall

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  • Strippers and Porn: Naked or Nude?

    is sexual gratification through visual perception an art form? Simply put‚ yes. Both pornography and stripping are forms of art based upon John Berger’s ideas of nudity and nakedness in his work Ways of Seeing. Naked V. Nude In order to see explicit materials as art‚ we must first understand the difference between nakedness and nudity. The dictionary has little distinction between these two words; both denote to be without clothes. However‚ nakedness has another meaning: vulnerable and undisguised

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  • The Female Body: Feminism and Game of Thrones

    fantasy series Game of Thrones has sparked controversy due to its use of sex‚ violence‚ and the treatment of female characters since the airing of its first episode in 2011. From the beginning‚ the series used images of rape‚ prostitution‚ and female nudity to depict the medieval-like world of Westeros and Essos. While many argue that the series exploits the subjects of sex‚ and violence‚ others argue that it simply depicts the difficulties faced by women in a feudal society. George R.R. Martin the

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  • Business Ethics

    scenario? A: Karl has to deal with some ethical and possibly legal issues in the marketing of his game “Breakaway”. It is an issue ethically simply because he himself has to find out it is suitable to market a game that primarily gives its focus on nudity‚ violence‚ and gambling. When it comes to legal issues‚ is it legal to market these things in foreign countries and on the Internet? This is what he needs come to reality with and needs to think about. If they have the ability to market this game

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  • Rhetorical analysis of Strip Club Owners

    which happened in 1991 and was Barnes v. Glen Theatre‚ Inc.‚ laid the foundation for future cases because of its decision. Ultimately it ruled that the state had the right to regulate the use of expressive conduct‚ and in Justice Souter’s words‚ “nudity itself is not inherently expressive conduct.” (Barnes) Souter was merely saying that it wasn’t an issue of being nude‚ but one of being nude and dancing erotically. This paved the way for more cities to go after club owners and force them to ensure

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