Ideal Mother

Topics: Pregnancy, Mother, Breastfeeding Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: April 7, 2012
The Ideal Mother
Jessica just gave birth to their first child, named Tyler. She knew at that very moment, she wanted to be the best mother that she could. She started thinking back to when she was just a kid and some of the things that her wonderful mother taught her. Even as a child, she knew that her mom dedicated all her time to her family. Jessica, like many mothers, wishes to be the best mother that she can be. An ideal mother is someone that is caring, providing, and understanding.

The first element of an ideal mother is to be caring. Caring involves providing a comforting and safe environment. Jessica liked how she felt when her mother gave her hugs. Jessica’s mother, Mona, made her feel warm and safe with her hugs. Jessica knew she wanted to make her son feel the same way that she did as a child. Being patient is also another way to show that she cares about her son. When he was up crying for several hours, she had to be patient and find out what was upsetting her baby boy. Sometimes, he isn’t hungry, wet, or tired; he just wants to be held close to his mom and to be soothed. In addition to a comforting home, it also needs to be safe. To provide a safe home, Jessica and her husband, Brad, baby proofed their home with plastic covers over the electric outlets. Next, they installed cabinet locks and door knob covers. Then they mounted the television stand and dressers to the wall to prevent being tipped over. This may sound over the top with all these childproofing methods, but they felt it was better safe than sorry. Caring consists of many different ways, but the most important ways that Jessica and brad could show they cared about their son, was to be patient and provide a safe home.

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While caring is an important to being an ideal mother, being a providing mother is another key element. Supplying the basic necessities is very important to the physical and mental health of a child. The essential components that...
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