Idea Generation: Relaxation, Interaction, and Integration

Topics: Marketing, Unconscious mind, Idea Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: August 15, 2011
In this competitive market environment, idea generation is enhanced by three primary tactics. These tactics involve relaxation, interaction, and integration. Marketing is the first line of business for anyone who is self-employed. If you don’t market well, you’ll soon be looking for another employer. It’s hard to generate new marketing ideas in today’s competitive environment. Many are cliches, while others are just overused. By directing all your attention to the daily chores that it takes to run your business, you’re probably left unimaginative when it comes to marketing. This article will help you to redirect your attention through three processes. In This Competitive Market Environment, Idea Generation Using Relaxation: You may think it strange to lead an article on idea generation with relaxation. But small business owners are so busy that many seldom take time to relax and let their subconscious mind guide them. Yet, the subconscious is the source of creativity. When you rid your mind of stress and worry, your subconscious is freed to tell you many creative ideas. You just have to know what relaxes you and do it. I rest best outside in nature so when I need a creative idea, I just walk outside and enjoy natural surroundings. The wind blowing through the trees, the birds singing, or watching a squirrel gathering acorns put be at ease. Often I get a creative solution to a concern in just minutes after walking outside. What helps you to rest? Is it listening to music, going for a walk, meditating. Then take time to do it. By enabling your conscious mind to relax, you enable your subconscious to communicate creative ideas to your conscious self. Another way to channel your subconscious mind to give you innovative ideas is to go to bed with a concern for which you need a solution. Don’t worry about it and keep yourself awake. Just tell your subconscious, “Tonight I need your help with …” If you’ve never attempted to channel your subconscious mind before, it...
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