Music History and Its Influence on America

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Music History And Its Influence On America Rodriguez Pg. 1

Seven o' clock strikes on my alarm clock, causing it to ring its silver bells, rudely jolting

me back to reality from another wonderful dream. Groggily, I manage to carry my body to the

shower, still upset that i won't be able to find out if I had kissed that cute girl or not, and still

wondering who the man in the peacoat was that was following us around on our date. Thirty

minutes later, I've gathered my books, I've dressed myself, I've eaten, and I'm on my way out the

door to my car. I'm still tired and still upset about the deleted scene from my dream. I put the key

into the ignition, and i immediately feel better as My Love by Justin Timberlake blares on the radio.

First, as i put the car into gear and start to drive, i begin to hum along to the tune of the chorus.

Soon after, I'm singing right along with the famous singer, completely in sync, ( no pun intended,

seeing as how the singer started out originally with the group N*Sync ); our vocals are

harmonized, and my foot taps to the beat. Now, I am motivated, fully awake, and looking forward

to the long day ahead! My morning can be compared to millions around the world, because music

can be a big influence in any human beings life, and a representation of a person's personality!

Music is the one form of human expression that heavily influences the way we talk, the

way we dress, and how we can relate to one another. We can dedicate music to a loved one,

or indulge ourselves in to change change the mood we might be in at the time. People listen to

their favorite songs while exercising to pump themselves or, after a long day at work, one might

turn on some classical music, or jazz, while drinking a glass of wine, just to "unwind." Some might

go to a dance club looking for a potential mate, but I go to show off the years of dancing skills i

have accumulated, just because of the adrenaline it gives me at how smooth and crisp my moves

are, hitting every beat of the music!

According to The American Music Conference, a valid connection between the human

brain and music making have been found by music researchers. It has been found to help with

language development, math skills, improved school grades, better social behavior, and has

improved spatial temporal reasoning ( AMC.) Music has always been an expression of the human

race. Artifacts from every culture show people playing musical instruments. The oldest findings

came from Asia, dating back four thousand years. Music has been used to perform religious

ceremonies, performed in front of Royalty, and even to find spiritual balances, and centers.

Whatver its uses, its main purpose has always been used to bring people together.

Although there is no exact date for the origin of music, in my opinion, music was born

when men were created. When the first caveman grunted in unison with another, and clubs were

banged against rocks, a flame was lit, and the rest is history. As any music lover will tell you,

music comes from the heart. As long as man was able to think, there was always a tune to be

hummed, or a beat to tap your foot to. The influence and history of music has been classified into

six major eras;The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, The Baroque Era, Classical, Romantic and

the 20th Century ( Essentials of Music.)

The Middle Ages (450-1450) is when Christians and Christianity were persecuted, then

accepted shortly afterwards. It became the official religion of the Roman Empire, even after its fall.

Music was a major part of Christian worship, each verse or the daily liturgy was sang in what we

call Gregorian chant. The Christian church was a major influence of the arts, especially in music.

Major composers in that era were associated and supported by the church. Music also did not

have a...
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