Ida Jean Orlando-Pelletier

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Mrs. Ida Jean Orlando-Pelletier is a first-generation American of Italian decent, and was born in 1926. She is a well know theorist in nursing as a result of two books she wrote. The first book being The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship published in 1961, and The Discipline and Teaching of Nursing Process published in 1972[Schmieding]. In an interview with the University of Pennsylvania Mrs. Orlando-Pelletier stated that her parents were from the old cultural of Italian origin and their marriage was arranged by family members (Fawcett). She grew up in the depression era, and her mother was a home maker. Ida Jean lived in the Boston area with her husband Robert Pelletier until her death in November 2007. She received her nursing diploma from New York Medical College. Her first job was at Shore Road Hospital in the maternity department. She didn’t stay long with the hospital because she felt that the patients were not being treated well and that there must be something better out there [YOUTUBE]. She then started a second job at another hospital and continued her education at St. John’s University, Brooklyn, NY where she received her BS in Public Health Nursing, and her MA in mental health in nursing from Teachers College, Columbia University, NY [Schmieding]. Mrs. Orlando stated in an interview for the University of Pennsylvania that she couldn’t stand what was happening in nursing, it was so ridged and without freedom, less freedom to help people and that more importance was placed on just protocol. Mrs. Orlando felt that going back to school in public health she could learn more about helping people and not just following protocol [YOUTUBE]. After finishing her degree she became an Associate Professor at Yale School of Nursing where she was Director of the Graduate Program in Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing. While at Yale she was project investigator of a National Institute of Mental Health Concepts in Basic Nursing Curriculum. It was from this...

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