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Topics: Oral mucosa, Wound healing, Mucous membrane Pages: 4 (1083 words) Published: April 21, 2006
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Today, I made rounds with Angela Box, the hospitals certified wound and ostomy nurse. While she also takes care of wounds and ostomies, she also makes rounds for the anthesiologists on their PCA pumps and starts PICC lines. The most interesting thing I saw was a man who had a large abdominal wound and was being treated with a wound vac. He had acquired this wound as a result of and abscess caused by the mesh that was used to repair his abdominal hernia. Initially, when she saw him in the morning, she had decided to try and dress the wound using a dressing called Oasis, which she said was made from pig intestine. She placed a 1" x 3" strip of this dressing over a small hole in the wound, applied Xeroform gauze and then taped it securely. She told the patient that this dressing should last until Monday. But about an hour later we had to go back and put the patient back on the wound vac. It was a simple procedure. She cut the sterile black foam to size, placed it on the wound and attached the tubing from the wound vac to the foam. Used a large opsite type dressing and covered the wound and the foam. Then she turned on the machine and set it to the appropriate amount of suction for this patient. I asked the patient if it was uncomfortable to use the wound vac and he stated it was not. We also talked about how she became the wound nurse for the hospital. She initially started out as the IV nurse? Somehow she started assessing wounds. She decided to take some classes so that she could gain the appropriate credentials. She is now a certified wound and ostomy nurse. It was an interesting day. I went to dialysis, ICU, recovery, and the other two floors of the hospital. I think this might be another area to consider when I get out of school.

Wound Vac Treatment

Vacuum assisted closure (VAC) therapy is designed to promote the formation of granulation tissue for faster healing in the wound beds of patients with acute and chronic...
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