ICT On Education

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The use of ICT to help educate students
According to the source form website , ICT ( information and communications technology ) is an umbrella term that includes any communication or application which encompassing radio, television, cellular phones, satellite systems, computer and network hardware or software and so on ( www.searchcio-midmarket.techtarget.com/sDefinition/ ). From the computing dictionary, ICT is the study of technology used to handle information and aid communication ( www.dictionary.refrence.com ). Nowadays, ICT is rapidly develop in many of countries which due to the globalization and technological change. Recently, ICT is widely use in many areas or sectors such as education, economy, politics and social. Especially for education, many countries now regard understanding ICT as part of the core of education, alongside writing, reading and numeracy. The emergence of ICT has made an improvement on the education for every student as it brings a lot of advantages for every student. For many teacher, ICT also has improve their effectiveness on the teaching process which in turn could help the student to enhance their educational performance. That goes without saying ICT has gradually become a part of the life for every students and teacher. Thus, how can we imagine that without the help of ICT on education? In recent years, the computers and internet has show their effectiveness and efficiency in education. Besides, ICT has also improved the learning environment of student. For ICT, if we used appropriately, it could help to expand the access of education for students and raise the quality of educational by reinforce the relevance of education. E-learning, blended learning and distance learning are the various types of learning that arise from the ICT. This essay is an example of a student's work

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Information and communication technology has a great impact on the education industry and has to lead to changes in the delivery mode of education and learning or teaching. The Purpose of Using ICT in Education

ICT has play an essential role for every students in their education, the purposes of ICT for students are to enable them to acquire the skills that needed for the future higher studies or the digital world, which then help them to easily get a job in future. Besides, the critical thinking and analytic skill are needed for students in their future. ICT with the purpose to promote those thinking and skills of students by self developing. Thus, student will no longer depends on the teacher anymore as it would transform the classroom environment from teacher- centric to student-centric learning. In addition, the purpose of ICT is to offer an effective learning environment for students which then increase their performance in academic. Lastly, ICT is to enhance the existing curriculum and pedagogy for teaching and learning. The Advantages of Using ICT in Education

ICT brings a lot of advantages in education. Firstly, independent access for the students to their education can be improved by the computer. Secondly, ICT enable the student who needs a special educational to accomplish working task at their own pace. In addition, with the help of ICT, students can communicate more easily for those who with profound and multiple learning difficulties. Moreover, using the voice communication by students enable most of them to aid gain the confidence or credibility of social and in the communities. Furthermore, students can be motivated to use the internet at home for schoolwork. On the other hand,...
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