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This Handbook was simply put together to provide understanding in the field of Information Communications Technology (ICT) to our staff and students. The vast majority of staff depend to some extent on ICT as part of their work, whether in research, education or administration. The purpose of this Handbook is to ensure that all staff have the core information they need to use their PC (and the ICT services provided through it) in an effective way. As such it represents part of Information Services’ commitment to delivering “an environment in which all staff is supported in making their best contribution to meeting the schools objectives. The Handbook is useful for all staff but will be particularly useful for new staff. A printed copy of the Handbook will be available by the head of

Aims and Objectives
ICT is changing the lives of everyone. Through teaching ICT we equip Students to participate in a rapidly-changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. We enable them to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for Student at our school to be able to use information in a discriminating and effective way. ICT skills are a major factor in enabling Students to be confident, creative and independent learners. Skills such as being able to construct PowerPoint presentations, keeping them up to date with the rapid change in the world of ICT and even simple things such as teaching them how to use the computer and for those who haven’t got a computer at home, benefit through this because we are giving them the opportunity they haven’t got at home.

To use ICT as an inclusive, effective and efficient teaching, learning and management tool

To improve the ICT capability of pupils, staff and our community

To promote initiative and independent learning

To provide access to high quality ICT resources and support for pupils, staff and our community of users

To add fun and interest to learning

To further innovative use of ICT in the curriculum

To promote safe use of ICT

ICT capability
‘ICT capability involves the appropriate selection, use and evaluation of ICT. In essence, pupils need to know what ICT is available, when to use it and why it is appropriate for the task.’

Department Structure

Rules and Regulations
The purpose of Guidance Notes is to offer guidance to users of computing facilities at Warrens and to illustrate some of the issues addressed in the Schools security policies. Issues addressed include: Acceptable Use (users should not deliberately send, access, retain or display any material which could reasonably be construed as likely to cause offence to others).

Unlawful Activity (activities which breach the School’s Security Policies and constitute an offence in law).

Monitoring of Activity (the School has the right to exercise control over computer resources and to monitor the use of computer resources to ensure efficient operation, to detect misuse and to supply evidence, if required, for use in disciplinary or legal proceedings).

Privacy and Confidentiality (Information Services makes every effort to ensure the privacy of users data, including email messages and files held on computer systems. However, users should note that no absolute guarantee of privacy can be given.

Breaches of the Security Policies and Other Incidents (staff should report instances of unacceptable use to their line manager or, if that is not possible, to the Director of Information Services). Personal Use (reasonable personal use of the School’s computer resources is allowed, however, only if oblige with the rules and regulations above. The purpose of these regulations is to make users aware of their duty to use the School computer resources...
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