Iceland Water - Case Study

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Water from Iceland – Case Study
Bottled water traditionally has been consumed in the United States by the wealthy. However, in the past several years bottled water has begun to appeal to a wider market. A whole new market share started opening up for the bottled water as considerable percentage of people started preferring bottled water over tap water. According to the Beverage Marketing Corp., in 2007, total U.S. category volume of bottled water surpassed 8.8 billion gallons, a 6.9 percent advance over 2006's volume level. That translates to over 29 gallons per person, which means U.S. residents drink more bottled water annually than any other beverage, other than carbonated soft drinks. A set up of Business to Import Bottled Water from Iceland would need a basic understanding of types of Bottled water available and consumed. Primary types of water available for human consumption in United States are

Treated/Processed Water| Water that comes from a well stream or a central reservoir supply. This water usually flows as tap water and is usually purified and flouridated| Mineral Water| Spring water that contains a substantial amount of minerals, which may be injected or occur naturally. Natural mineral water is obtained from underground water strata or a natural spring. The composition of the water at tis source is constant, and the source discharge and the temparature remain stable.| Sparkling Water/Effervescent Water| Water with natural or artificial carbonation. Some mineral waters come to the surface naturally carbonated through underground gases but lose their fiss on the surface with normal pressure. Many of these water are injected with Carbon dioxide later on.| Enhanced Water| Bottled waters that contain components that are acclaimed to enhance a particular physical aspect. | | |

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This is one of the primary questions that has to be answered before making any market entry or a new business. How profitable is the...
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