Hyundai Marketing Strategy

Topics: Suzuki, Maruti Suzuki, Marketing Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: May 10, 2009
Abstract: Issues: • Understand the competitive landscape in the Indian passenger car industry and study the marketing strategies of leading players.

• Study the entry strategies of global car manufacturers in India.

• Examine and analyze the marketing mix of Hyundai Motors in the Indian passenger car industry.

• Compare and contrast the marketing strategy of Hyundai with other leading players in the Indian passenger car industry Contents: Keywords: Case, Hyundai Motors, Indian Passenger Car Industry, Foreign Car Manufacturers in India, Marketing Small Cars in India, Marketing Mix, Positioning, Customer Value, Pricing, Distribution, Advertising Campaign, Santro - YS Kim, former Managing Director, Hyundai Motors India Limited in 2002. - Vinay Kamath, Journalist with Businessline in 2002. {text:bookmark-start} The Price Cut Top of Form The Price Cut Contd... {text:bookmark-start} Background Note For a long time after India became independent in 1947, the car market had just two models to offer - the sturdy 'Ambassador' from Hindustan Motors (HM) and the sleek 'Fiat' from Premier Automobiles (PA). This was the result of Government of India's (GOI) decision to keep the car industry tightly protected. In the 1980s, the GOI felt the need to introduce an affordable small car, targeting the Indian middle class. As manufacturing a small and affordable car required better technology than was available indigenously, the government tied up with the noted Japanese company, Suzuki. The government formed a joint venture with Suzuki and founded Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL). It held 74% and Suzuki got 26% equity stake in MUL. In 1983, MUL launched the ‘Maruti 800', priced at Rs 40,000... {text:bookmark-start} Hyundai's Entry in India One of the major players that entered the Indian car market was HMC through its subsidiary HMIL. Before making its move, the company closely studied the industry for a year. The company's officials talked to vendors, dealers...
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