Hurricane Sandy: What Went Wrong

Topics: Strategic management, Storm, Strategy Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Hurricane Sandy introduced herself to the United States in October of 2012. The super storm began its course in the Southeast, and moved all the way up to the Mid-Atlantic. The aftermath of this storm caused massive amounts of devastation to homes, businesses and shore areas. It left families grieving for those who were lost, and left a nation feeling sorry for those that were now homeless. The preceding actions that took place after the storm are what might be remembered most about this devastating storm. Epic Failure

The post storm relief effort of Hurricane Sandy or lack of it is what is making news today. The lack of both a tactical and strategic plan from important leaders of our country has left victims of the storm still struggling to pick up the pieces nearly three months affect the storm. With strategic planning, “issue x is staring us in the face and we need some way to help us think about its resolution, or else we will be badly hurt.” (Bryson, 2011) But months after the storm it seems that our leaders are still thinking and not reacting.

In parts of Long Island, many are still without power. New York councilmen, Mark Cuthbertson was quoted saying, “This was among other things an epic failure of communication.” (Cuthbertson, 2012) A failure of communication all comes back to a lack of planning. Everyone knew this storm was coming and the possible effects it could have so there really shouldn’t have been an excuse for a lack of communication.

A benefit concert held at the famous Madison Square Garden was held to give relief to those affect by the storm. The concert producers announced the benefit performance “raised about $50 million for people affected by Hurricane Sandy.” (Mckinley, 2012) To this day however, no one really knows where that money has gone. Perhaps there giving little by little to victims but not a significant amount to start the rebuilding process. Everyone has begun to assume where the money has gone. This...

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