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Topic: Critical appraisal of Disaster management Act, 2005

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The Indian subcontinent is among world’s most disaster prone area. It is exposed to natural catastrophes because of its vast territory, large population and unique geo-climatic conditions. In India, while 40 million hectares of landmass is prone to floods, 68 per cent of the total areas is vulnerable to periodical droughts. The Disaster Management Act passed in 2005 provides for a detailed action plan right from the central government to the district and local levels to draw implement and execute disaster management plans. It overlooks significant aspects such as classification of disasters, declaration of disaster-prone zones, streamlining of responsibilities and involvement of local communities. (Sarkar & Sarma, 2014) In India, states are primarily responsible for handling disasters. The government of India supplements the efforts by extending logistics and financial support such as state calamity relief funds for immediate relief restoration of essential infrastructure and public assets in the social sector. This Act provides a detailed action plan as in what to implement and execute right from the central government to the district to local government. This can be seen from the a national disaster management authority will function under the chairmanship of the prime minister and state disaster management authorities will be under the chief ministers and the district disaster management authorities under the district magistrates. Also importance has been given to the prevention and mitigation which is an important factor in disaster management. This can been seen in the act where national institutes of disaster management will be set, which will be engaged in research, training of personnel for disaster management, building awareness. It also focuses on the restoration of essential services by providing minimum relief in terms of...

Cited: Ray, C. (2005). A Note on the Disaster Management Bill, 2005. Economic & political weekly , XL (47), 4877-4881.
Sarkar, S., & Sarma, A. (2014). Disaster Management- A Disaster in Waiting? Economic & Polictical Weekly , XLIX no 39 (39).
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