Hunger Games Essay

Topics: Starvation, Malnutrition, Hunger Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: September 5, 2011
Brown, Teja
Period 2 English
Ms. Refuge

Defying the Capital
"Nobody ever did, or ever will escape the consequences of ones choices." Based on the book Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, publicized in 2008. Hunger games is a book about a capital that makes their 12 districts each send a boy and girl to the games where they fight for their life, leaving one survivor. Katniss decides her and peeta should eat the poisonous berries thereby demonstrating determination so they won the hunger games but ended it with defying the capital.

Katniss made the capital look weak, debilitated, and paralyze. After katniss won the hunger games, haymitch spoke to katniss secretly while she was going to her interview and it was serious. "Listen up. you’re in trouble. Word is the capital's furious about you showing them up in the arena. The one thing they can't stand is being laughed at and they're the joke of panem," says haymitch."(pg.356) Haymitch was telling katniss that her idea about eating the berries; which would have caused a double suicide leaving no survivor in the games which helped her and peeta win, made the capital look bad and now everyone's laughing which is not good because the capital controls everything and you're not suppose to have no power over them. The capital has the ability to kill katniss and peeta and their family.

Katniss and her family will be rich and out of the seam, since katniss won the hunger games she will never have to starve anymore like her and her family were doing. “The last tribute alive receives a life of ease back home, and their district will be showered with prizes, largely consisting with food. All year, the capital will show the winning district gifts of grain and oil and even delicacies like sugar, while the rest . . . battle starvation.” (pg.19) By katniss being, now one of the last two tributes standing her district,...

Bibliography: Collins, Suzanne. “Hunger games,” Scholastic, Broadway and New York, 2008.
Pages: 356 and 19
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