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s t r at eg i c & c o m m e r c i a l i n t e l l i g e n c e

grocery retailing in asia Pacific

a D V i s o rY


Introduction 1

Executive summary 2

Australia 4

China 8

Hong Kong 11

India 14

Indonesia 17

Japan 20

Malaysia 24

Singapore 28

South Korea 32

Thailand 36

Conclusion 39
Introduction 1


The outlook for the retail industry in Asia has never been more promising. Opportunities abound in this region with its ever-more sophisticated and willing consumers, growing populations and steady economies. The world’s largest retailers are jostling not only to gain but to preserve market share in this highly competitive retail landscape. This is especially true in the grocery sector, where maintaining differentiation is a constant challenge.

neil austin nick Debnam
The encouraging market outlook will invite further investment and evolution in the industry. As the region matures and the market grows, the winners in this sector must not only build a business model that accommodates the varied tastes, cultures and vast regional expanses, but also select the right target market and model within the range. Existing players will need to review and refine their propositions to remain competitive, while new entrants will need to pick the right strategy and location as they enter this complex, fragmented sector. Other stakeholders in the industry – producers, manufacturers and logistics providers – will also play a major role in shaping the grocery sector of the future.

We hope you find our findings in this short study interesting and informative. Whether you are an existing operator, a new entrant or an advisor to these businesses, it is clear that there are significant growth opportunities on the cards; and whether this growth is achieved organically, or by acquisition, joint venture or other strategic alliance, thorough commercial and market analysis will be critical to help ensure that the strategy fits the business objectives and customer needs.

KPMG’s specialists in the Consumer Markets group and Strategic & Commercial Intelligence unit have considerable experience in helping both multinational and domestic organisations address their operational and strategic challenges. Our advisory teams are located in all the ten countries included in this study, as well as other countries in the region.

neil austin
Global Chair, Consumer Markets
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nick Debnam
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Executive summary

The grocery retailing industry in Asia is probably the most dynamic and diverse in the world. While there are elements of commonality, each of the ten countries profiled in our study displays distinct characteristics. Overall, the region has fared well through various challenges in recent years, including the 1997 Asian economic crisis, the SARS epidemic in 2003, political upheavals and, more recently, the threat of an avian influenza...
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