A Case Study on the Performance of Timbuk2

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A case study on the Performance of Timbuk2

The two categories of products that Timbuk2 make and sell include customs and classic messenger bags manufactured in the headquarters in San Francisco and the new laptops sourced in China. The products are well attached to their customers


Different customers also tend to be attracted by different attributes provided by different firms.

The key competitive dimension that drives sales in the custom messenger bag includes:

Cost position
This is the extent to which the Timbuk2 seeks the low-cost position in manufacturing and distribution through investments in cost-minimizing facilities and equipment. The products are sold on the basis of cost after considering the price of other similar commodity in the market. (Nagle, Holden 2002) Quality

This is defined by the design quality and the process quality. Design quality is the set of features a product or service contain. The San Francisco-based company is known for producing high quality custom and classic messenger bags. The level of product quality is determined in terms of raw materials, specifications, adherence to tolerances, and features. For some years Timbuk2 has fine-tuned their production line to make it as perfect as possible which in turn yields the highest quality messenger bags available (Michael, 2010).

Berry (2009) summarizes that process quality relates directly to the reliability of the product. The customer needs the product without defects adhering to the product and service specifications. To achieve this, the company has a team of approximately 25 hardworking cutters and sewers in their San Fransisco plant. Delivery speed

This is the ability to deliver the product quicker than its competitors. The custom messenger bag can be ordered through the internet which makes a first delivery. Delivery reliability
This relates to the firm’s ability to supply a commodity before a due date, Timbuk2 has recently begun making some of the new product in china which has catered for some of its long standing customers. Specialization

The extent at which the firm directs its efforts considering the width of its line, the target customer segments, and the geographic markets served. The local manufacturing has focused on the custom messenger bag, where the order is taken through the internet. Brand identification

This is the degree at which the firm looks out for brand identification rather than competition based mainly on price or other variables. Brand identification is accomplished through sales force, advertising, or a variety of other means.Timbuk2 has successfully advertised their brand in their website where each bag is custom designed by the customer and is tailored according to the specifications (Michael, 2010).

This is the extent at which the firm gives extra services along with its product line. The customers are given the privilege to design their own bag in Timbuk2 so that the bag is tailored according to the customer’s specifications. Some of the competitive priorities of the dimensions may be different with the new laptop bags sourced in China but most of them are similar. The degree of service may be different but the company argues that it has designed its new products to produce the best possible features in terms of quality and prices.(Drypen,2010) ASSEMBLY LINE

An assembly line is an industrial process in which prefabricated interchangeable parts are added to a product in a sequential manner using optimally planned logistics to assemble a finished product. An assembly line was designed to improve the efficiency, and become cost effective. The focus of the workers is basically on a small part of the overall whole, which makes them not to require extensive training. (Smith, 2010)

Assembly line in china compared to San Francisco

Volume of production...

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