Human Virtues and Character Strengths

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One virtue that I find very important is courage in that for someone to be brave, authentic, and persistent and shows zest helps others to become the same way. My granny has always shown courage through everything that has happened in her life from being deathly ill as a child, to losing two of her children when they were still babies, to surviving a heart attack and having a pace maker put in. She also is suffering from arthritis and she is starting to become forgetful of things but every time I talk to her she shows nothing but courage and always tells me that she will make it through whatever is going on at the time. She shows courage by always being authentic and true to herself. She has never lied to me and although sometimes her response was not what I wanted to hear it showed me that she loves me enough to be honest to help me become a better person. When something is going on she doesn’t like to procrastinate and is persistent on getting results which I have found myself now doing the same thing with situations in my life. She has showed me that having zest or excitement about life is better than always walking around being sad and depressed because not everything is going your way. I have learned that going after what you want in life is always worth it because being yourself will always get you where you want to go.

Examine one human virtue and the associated character strengths that are important to you, as listed in Ch. 10 of Positive Psychology. Select someone who you know or is a public figure who you feel encompasses at least one of these virtues. Discuss why this virtue is important to you. How does the person you selected encompass this virtue and the associated character strengths? Post a 200- to 300-word response.
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