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Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Limited liability company, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: December 17, 2013
While we were in the museuem we noticed these creation stories. They are all unique and hold their own truths but they all contain some aspect of life we can relate to.

Exit Strategy
Build Buy or Ally
Our ultimate goal is to scale the business and build it into a formidable product that can benefit the native culture and next generation. We will do this by leveraging relationships with University Linguistics/Native-American programs.

Competitive Landscape

Google Translate:
Strong name brand
Mobile translation
Cost effective
Only utilized for short phrases
Long response time
No customization for natives

Rosetta Stone:
Strong presence
Product Supplements
Company Size
Not tailored to Natives
Don’t offer native language training

Mgmt Team:
Josiah Spears- Electrical Engineer, Tribe Coordinator
Alric Siu- Electrical Engineer, Systems Engineer
Ricardo Pierre-Louis- Business Major, Publishing Executive

LifeSpoken is a service business that helps preserve the lineage of native americans. We provide, translation, publishing, and commercialization services for natives and others who want their stories to be told

Business Model:
The author can use our program to vocally record their story and send it to technical staff. Our linguists or technical staff will then review the recording to make sure it is comprehensible. Once the recording is reviewed then the story teller will get either a green light or red light on whether or not their story is comprehensible. The story teller will then pay the small fee or have it sponsored and our staff will translate that story into eBook format in both their native language and in English. Once the ebook is created then the author has the choice to either put their product on the marketplace or keep it for tribal/personal use. If the book is successful on the marketplace then the author will receive royalties and the rest will be used...
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