Human Ressource Management Review

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Human resource management review

In this synthesis, we are talking about the evolution of the SHRM literature during the past thirty years. We will see the birth this field and how it evolved through the past and how it will evolve in the future and that through the work of various researchers who are interested in SRHM.

The strategic HRM is one of the three major subfields of HRM with micro HRM (MHRM) and International HRM (IHRM). Although, most of the literature on SHRM was published in the last thirty years, its basic concepts date back to the 20’s in the U.S. and aimed to change the traditional point of view of HRM and this by showing the effective impact of HRM on strategies of the company. Thus, we will see the chronological evolution of SHRM throughout the seven themes that define the most important developments in this field.

The first topic that was discussed is « explaining contingency perspectives and fit » where HR scholars recognized that particular sets of HR practices were likely to yield better performance if they were matched with specific objectives, conditions, and strategic interests. Among the many authors who worked on this, we may notably mention some of the most important as “Miles and Snow (1984)” who are the first to have defined that the choice of a particular set of HR practices is dependent upon an organization's strategy and “Jackson and Shuler (1995)” who made a significant contribution to the SHRM literature by identifying the important components of organizational environments. Organization environments were divided into internal (technology, structure, size, life cycle stages, and business strategy) and external (legal, social, and political environment; labor market conditions, including unionization; industry characteristics; and national culture) categories. What was the basis for many studies that followed explaining the relationship between adequacy of the company’s strategy (manufacturing or service...
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