Flow of Theory

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Do you think an employee's productivity is affected by whether they are satisfied or unsatisfied as an employee? Explain your answer.
Yes, I think an employee’s productivity is affected by whether they are satisfied or unsatisfied as an employee. As employees spend most of their time at work, the employees’ identity is closely linked to their jobs. Employees have feelings; they must feel satisfied or feel that the job is treating them fairly. When they feel that they are being appreciated, they become satisfied and hence they tend to outperform unsatisfied employees in terms of labor retention, attendance and work quality. However, satisfied employees are not always more productive than unsatisfied employees.

2. In general terms, describe strategic HRM and its importance in the organization. Strategic HRM is defined as the development and implementation of human resource processes to facilitate the achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives. Strategic HRM allows an organization to make informed and purposeful actions. Because of strategic HRM, the company now has a clear common vision of why an organization exists which enables better and more effective HRM decisions. HRM activities are now also able to expand awareness of possibilities, identify strength and weaknesses, reveals opportunities and points which are needed to evaluate the probable impact of internal and external forces. A strategic HRM plan which is well designed will allow the HR department to be prepared to cope with changes in external and internal environments.

3. In the past decade, there have been rapid, turbulent, and often strained developments in the relationship between employers and employees. Describe these developments and what they mean to HR managers. New trends and changes have occurred in telecommuting, outsourcing, HRM practices, family medical leave, child care, spousal relocation assistance, pay for skills, benefit cost-sharing, union-management...
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