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1. Introduction

High employee turnover rate is commonly associated with decreasing organization performance as measured by profit and customer service, thus retaining talents is always a challenge for human resources managers. Turnover could be attributed to many reasons, like, poor remuneration, low job satisfaction, low employee engagement, etc, which in fact varies among different company.

In this research, we will examine the underlying cause of turnover (with our focus in turnover intention) for T Company, which has a record of high turnover rate especially among its hotline staff, so as to provide some recommendation to its Human Resources Manager in retaining its talents.

T Company is a public utility firm which obtain 2,300 employees. The overall turnover rate in T Company is 5%; however, it is found that most of the leavers are from Customer Service Hotline Department (“CSH”) which its own turnover rate is 30% and 20% in 2010 and in 2009 respectively. Among the total number of leave within the hotline department (33 employees out of 110 employees) 80% of the leavers were Generation Y. Since customer service is crucial for the success of T Company in terms of its profit and brand image, especially among the hotline department which has a track record in delivering trustworthy and outstanding services to the customers and distinguishing itself from its competitors, high turnover rate will definitely threatening the competitive edge of T Company.

The job responsibilities of a customer service officer is diverse and requiring lots of skills set, e.g. good communication and interpersonal skills, customer service skills, computer skills and product knowledge, thus it is reflected that the job nature is generally stressful. Not only handling customer’s enquiries on telephone, they have to handle complaints, help customer to register new user account and even selling products through phone call. More remarkably, they have to possess sufficient product knowledge and knowledge in handling of emergency cases e.g. suspect of gas leakage, due to damage of the products. Heavy workload and stressful job nature may be one of the underlying cause of high turnover

2. Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to examine the reason for high turnover rate in Generation Y group in the hotline department in T Company. And base on the research findings, to advise possible solutions for the human resources manager to retain its employees, so as to uphold the service pledge in T Company for improving its organizational performance.

3. Importance of Problem

Turnover study is regarded as significant in both academic and managerial perspective. High turnover rate was detrimental in several aspects to the company e.g. economic, staff morale, loss of intellectual asset, etc. Economically, it will increase the training and recruitment cost, while inadequate manpower brought about failure in meeting service standard, potential loss of business opportunities, which as a result decrease gross profit of the company. Besides, turnover may also bring about intangible negative impact, like, staff morale, customer service disruption, burnout/absenteeism among remaining employees, and the loss of institutional knowledge among experienced employees. (Mathis 2006)

However, turnover could be beneficial to a company, which we regard it as functional turnover. For instance, when a weak performer is substituted by a more productive employee and when a senior retirement allows the promotion or acquisition of welcome 'fresh blood' who may bring about synergies and new insights to the company.

Yet, for the case of T Company, as supported by the figure of declining service standard and inadequate manpower bought by turnover, it is significant to advise possible retention method to the manager to tackle the problem of dysfunction turnover. Meanwhile, it is academically important, since lots of scholars had...
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