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Recruiting Helpline Counselors: Dilemmas in Validation
Human Resource Management

Recruiting Helpline Counselors: Dilemmas in Validation
I. Identify and analyze the symptoms and problems that the ‘Carers’ face and offer recommendations for their solution.
II. Based on the information given in this case study, conduct a speculative job analysis and prepare a job specification on what being an effective volunteer telephone counselor entails and which attributes you feel as necessary prerequisite.
III. Based on the job specification you have prepared for question II, prepare a job advertisement for the recruitment of telephone counselors.

I. Identify and analyze the symptoms and problems that the ‘Carers’ face and offer recommendations for their solution by using the medical approach.
The Carers is a free 24-hour counseling service that offers advice to people seeking help in the UK. It is a non-profit organization financed by public donations, thus it is very important to minimize overhead costs and use their capital efficiently. The organization is made up of volunteer counselors who offer their time and services to help the clients in need. However, The Carers is currently experiencing some Human Resource issues.
Management has identified that there is 27% wastage through training, more than 50% turnover of qualified counselors in two years, and only 6.25% of calls are being answered. The Carers has invested £186,000 on training over a two-year period, from which £105,000 has been a squandered expenditure due to the amount of recruits who do not complete the 10-week training program. In the same way, many of these volunteers quit within the same timeframe, consequently complicating the telephone service availability. Inadequate workforce planning, recruitment, and selection process have caused these issues.
Carole Jones is the Director for Human Resources at The Carers. She failed

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