Human Resource Managerment Case Study

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Question 2
What, in your opinion, should the store manager’s job description and job specification look like and contain? Job description is a list of job that a employees might use for general tasks, or functions. Besides that, it also included the responsibilities of a particular position of a company. On the other hand, it may often include to whom the position report, specifications such as human requirement by the employees in the job. In our opinion, the store manager’s job description should contain the following information: * Skills – abilities needed to execute store management duties, such as proficiency of using computer,

* Knowledge – the specialty of a area of store manager such as the knowledge of store business operation

* Behaviour – the characteristics of a store manager must display in the job such as professionalism

* Job summary – the scope of job that a store manager must do: for example, how a store manager maintain the labour supply effectively.

* Duties – the tasks which a store manager must to do.

On the other hand, the job description should be look like:

Company| Kwik and Kleen (KK) Laundry Company|
Title| Store Manager|
Superior| Kleen, Chief Executies Officer|
Job Summary| How to maintain the labour supply effectively and the others.| Skills| * Time management skill * Decision making skill * Interpersonal skill * Effective communication skill * Problem solving skill and the others| Knowledge| * Customer service skill * Accounting skill * Hospitality skill * Product management skill and others| Behaviour| * Honest and trustworthy * Hardworking and the others| Duties or Responsibilities| 1. Human Resources * Recruiting * Hiring * Training and development * Performance management and others 2. Store business operations * Managing profit and...
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