Human Resource Management: Academic Theory and Business Practice

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2005 - 2008

Human Resource Management (HRM) - is both an academic theory and a business practice. It is based on the notion that employees are firstly human, and secondly should NOT be treated as a basic business resource. HRM is also seen as an understanding of the human aspect of a company and its strategic importance. HRM is seen a moving on from a simple “personnel” approach (or was supposed to) because it is preventative of potential problems, and secondly it should be a major aspect of the company philosophy, in which all managers and employees are champions of an HRM based policies and philosophy. Source : Other related topics are: Personnel management Civil service—Personnel management Manpower Planning Knowledge Management Leadership Corporate Culture Organizational Change A. BOOKS (Located at the General Collection Shelves near the Circulation Section) Hodgetts, Richard M. (2008). Modern human relations at work. 10th ed. HF 5549 H519 2008 Nkomo, Stella M. (2008). Human resource management applications. 6th ed. HF 5549 N56 2008 Mosley, Donald C. (2008). Supervisory management :the art of inspiring, empowering, and developing people. 7TH ED. HF 5549 M667 2008 Bernardin, H. John. (2007). Human resource management: an experiential approach. HF 5549.2 U5B45 Boudreau, John W. (2007). Beyond HR :the new science of human capital. HD 53 B64 Edwards, Jack E. Scott, John C. (John Carlson). (2007). Evaluating human resources programs: a 6-phase approach for optimizing performance. HF 5549 E41 Fallon, L. Fleming. (2007). Human resource management in health care : principles and practice. RA 971.35 F38

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