Human Resource

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Question 1:

How would you forecast the manpower needs of Ya Kun?

Ya Kun can forecast their manpower by using trend analysis, ratio analysis, scatter plot and computerized system. The personnel can use either one of these method of finding new recruitment. Based on trend analysis, Ya Kun find new recruit by using their past experienced which means that they can provide an initial estimate of future staffing needs, but employment levels rarely depend just on the passage of time. They looked their past performance of sales, productivity and so on to estimate their employee also because if their performance goes beyond their expectation like Ya kun that have many outlets throughout the world, they may required more employee either full time or part-time.

Other forecasting method that Ya Kun can use to forecast their manpower is ratio analysis. In this method, Ya Kun forecast based on the historical ratio between some causal factor (like sales volume) and the number of employee required such salespeople. In this case, Ya Kun need more employee because they need more salespeople to run the business in each of their outlets. The sales volume for Ya Kun also one of the factor that Ya Kun need to recruit employee. Compared to trend analysis, ratio analysis assumes that productivity remains about the same.

Personnel also can use scatter plot to forecast their manpower. In this method, the personnel may use two related variables to indicate the relation between the two such as sales volume and number of employee. If these two factors are related, then the points will tend to fall along straight line then the personnel can forecast the need of new recruitment.

Computerized forecasting also is one way that personnel can use to forecast their need of manpower. With programs like these, employers can more accurately estimate how many employee that they need to projected productivity and sales. Many firms use computerized employee forecasting system for particularly for estimating short-term needs. In Ya Kun case, their personnel may need this program because they have many outlets that need more part-time worker to replace fulltime worker if needed.

Question 2:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ya Kun’s hiring part-time workers?

Part-time workers are those who whether by personal choice or due to employment conditions beyond their control work fewer hours than the regular, full-time staff of a business over the course of a year. There is no specific number of hours that makes someone full or part-time, but a full-time worker will usually work 35 hours or more a week.

The advantages of Ya Kun’s hiring part-time workers are part-time workers are less expensive than full-time workers. This is because some of them are paid less than half of what full-time workers, who do the same work, are paid. In other hand, part-time workers will not get benefits same like full-time workers such as insurance or sick pay. So Ya Kun’s can save significant amount of money by hiring part-time workers. Most of the part-timers are student, since it allows them to balance their academic needs with their school needs and they are often willing to learn new tasks and responsibilities when doing their work. Therefore, they will do their job better than full-time workers and this will increase labour productivity of Ya Kun’s. Furthermore, Ya Kun’s only hiring part-time workers when the full-time workers go on vacation or become ill. Students are particularly useful in meeting these periods of high demand in order to ensure that the needs of Ya Kun’s customers are met and will increase in Ya Kun’s output as well.

The disadvantages of Ya Kun’s hiring part-time workers are Ya Kun’s need extra time to train part-time workers to get knowledge about their work and they also need to be guide by someone before they can do their work by their own....
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