Human Reproduction

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SEXUAL INTERCOURSE During this process, the erect penis of the male is inserted into the female's vagina, and then either partner initiates rhythmic pelvic thrusts until the male ejaculates semen, which contains sperm, into the vaginal canal.
PREGNANCY This is the time that fetus develops, dividing via mitosis inside the female.
BIRTH which begins with the fetus being pushed out of the birthing canal. The newborn, which is called an Infant should typically begin respiration on its own shortly after birth.
PARENTAL CARE babies are nearly helpless and require high levels of parental care for many years. One important type of parental care is nursing – feeding the baby milk from the mother's mammary glands in her breasts.
HUMAN REPRODUCTION TERMS Terms | Definitions | Hormones | chemical substances that are produced in glands and help regulate many of your body's functions | Ovaries | the female sex glands that store the ova and produce female sex hormones | Menopause | end of reproductive years for female | Scrotum | an external skin sac that extends outside the body and c contains the testes | Ova | female reproductive cells | Uterus | a hollow, muscular, pear-shaped organ inside a female's body | Testosterone | male sex hormone | Ovulation | the process of releasing a mature ovum into the uterine tube each month | Cervix | the opening to the uterus | Vagina | a muscular, elastic passageway that extends from the uterus to the outside of the body | Semen | a thick fluid containing sperm and other secretions from the male reproductive system | Infertility | the inability to conceive a child | Sperm | male reproductive cells | Menstruation | shedding of the uterine lining | Fallopian tubes | a pair of tubes with finger-like projections that draw in the ovum | Endocrine glands | ductless or tubeless organs or groups of cells that secrete hormones directly to the bloodstream | Reproductive system | the

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