Sexual Anatomy

Topics: Clitoris, Vulva, Vagina Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Sexual Anatomy
On the female body there are many external sex organs. One of the organs is the vulva. Vulva comes from a Latin term that means “wrapper” or “covering”. There are six different parts to the vulva. The different parts are: the Mons Veneris; Labia Majora; Labia Minora; the Clitoris and the vaginal opening. The mons veneris consists of fatty tissue that covers the joint of the pubic bones in front of the body. It is below the abdomen and above the clitoris. The mons veneris cushions a woman’s body during sexual intercourse. It can protect her and her partner from the pressure against the pubic bone that they can feel that comes from thrusting. The Labia Majora are large folds of skin that run downward from the mons veneris along the sides of the vulva. When they are close together, they protect the labia minora and the urethral and vaginal openings. They are supplied with many nerve endings that can respond to stimulation and product sexual pleasure. It also protects the inner female genitals. The Labia Minora are two hairless, light colored membranes, located between the major lips. They surround the urethral and vaginal openings. The outer surfaces of labia minora merge with the major lips. The labia minora is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings, making them highly sensitive to sexual stimulation. They can darken and swell when they are stimulated. The clitoris is the only sex organ who’s only known purpose is to experience pleasure. The clitoral shaft consists of erectile tissue that contains two spongy masses called corpora cavernous that will fill with blood and become erect in response to sexual stimulation. It is less apparent than the erection of the male’s penis. It has an indirect role in reproduction in that it is the female sex organ most sensitive to sexual sensation and thus a motivator of sexual activity. The vestibule refers to the areas within the labia minora that have the openings to the vagina and the urethra. It has a...
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