Human Relations in a Diverse Society

Topics: Police, United States, African American Pages: 5 (1359 words) Published: June 14, 2009
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Josephine Malik
C J 246-10 Human Relations in a Diverse Society
Instructor Hynes Lisa, Kaplan University
July 08, 2008

Essay 1
History of women in law enforcement
Women only make up a scant 13 present of major police agencies nation-wide, according to the National Center for Women and policing. In 1845, New York hired its first police “matron”. In 1888, Massachusetts and New York passed legislation that required communities with population over 20,000 to hire police matrons to care for the female prisoner. In 1922, women were allowed to work in the police force but were not allowed to patrol or work as detectives. The Indianapolis Police Department was the first to assign two female police officers to patrol on an equal basis as their male colleagues(Schulz,1995).The EEO Act played an important part in opening up police jobs for women .Although more women are entering the law enforcement they still face blatant and open skepticism, resentment ,and hostility from male officers.

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the law enforcement with women still exist today. The male officers tend to make dirty jokes which at times can be offensive to the female officer. Being insulted, and being repeatedly asked for dates after refusing the first time. Other problems women face in law enforcement are that the male officer doesn’t seem to fell that women are not strong enough, and that they should be at home taking care of children.

Women still face the problem of lack of promotion in law enforcement to supervisors and command ranks, white males seem to be promoted for these positions then females’ .The


glass ceiling is a barrier that inhabits female officers from reaching ranks above entry level. Due to lack of promotions many women feel distrust, low productivity, and moral.
Women who are accepted in the “brotherhood “of police or corrections had to become one of the guys .Women would be highly aggressive, swear and spit. Women in law enforcement must show acceptable behavior and exhibit only certain traditionally masculine and feminine qualities.

Women in law enforcement feel that they have to perform twice as hard as the men to be considered equal. The female officers had to impose pressure on them in order to perform up to or exceed the expectations of their male peers.

Mentor programs can be beneficial to both the officer and the agency, such as one- on -one coaching, advice and support on the job by an experienced officer of higher rank. Women still face problems in the work force today as they did years ago. By having support programs women can have a place to go and talk what’s on their mind and can get the support that is needed to help her perform her job to the fullest. Mentor and support groups give the women a greater satisfaction and success on their job.

Essay 2 4

The history, stereotypes and communication styles often associated with Asian/Pacific Americans and African Americans, and how they impact our interactions as police officers.

Asian/Pacific Americans have the highest increase of any other minority population in the United States, as the need for special skills and expertise for work in high technology. Refugees are sponsored into the United States under the authority of the U.S. government. And immigrants enter into the United States under direct sponsorship of family members. Family members must show clear proof that they can afford and establish work for the individual who they are sponsoring. Anyone who has refugee status is allowed and encouraged to utilize all the services provided.

The first Asians to arrive in the United States was the Chinese in the 1840s, most of the immigrants in the early years were men, and worked as laborers .In 1965 the number of Asian and Pacific Islanders immigrating to the United...

References: Multicultural Law Enforcement Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society
Fourth Edition BY R Shusta, D Levine, H. Wong, A. Olson, P. Harris
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