Human influence on species evolution

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Human influence on species evolution

Greed is a capital sin, but many businessmen do not care about that in order to raise their profit. Thus people who earn money by hunting animals always aim at the biggest and most superb ones. By looking at the nature, one can recognize that the predators usually take either the very young or the weak animals. First it sounds like an insignificant difference, but the effect of it is disastrous.

Nearly every creature adapts to changing circumstances and so do the hunted animals. Once it was an advantage for them to be big and strong to fight their enemies, but since humans hunt exact this kind of animals it became an enormous problem for them. This is why the nature started an evolutionary change in order to prevent the animals. The result is that many animals are now able to reproduce much earlier and that the total size of them declined significantly.

Of course, these are very bad facts, but there is a ray of hope. Researchers found, that all these effects will revert to the past if people would not hunt the biggest and healthiest animals anymore. Unfortunately, it takes about twelve generations to return normal in size and reproduce behavior. By taking the life expectancy of some animals into account, it means that for some species the recovery time might be more than 50 years.

It is sad that humans pose a threat to Earth’s flora and fauna. We have got only one planet and we have to share it with every creature. Of course, a lot of people earn money by using animals in several ways and thus we all have many benefits. Nevertheless, we have to find a middle course between using Earth’s flora and fauna and generation of turnover. If we do not counteract this trend, in the long run all the wonderful animals will disappear and we would even have much bigger problems. A life without animals is for humans virtually impossible or at least a tremendous change for our consumption in several ways. So we see, that if we...
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