Human Impact of Climate Change

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Climate change concerns to a statistically momentous deviation in either the mean state of the climate or in its variability, remaining for an extensive period (normally decades or longer) (What is climate change, 2001). Climate change is term that adverts to any major and long-term change in average weather in a specified region or whole Earth. Fundamentally important variability of average weather over longer time period can be depicted as climate change. Climate change is due to natural internal procedures or external pressures, or to relentless anthropogenic alterations in the composition of the atmosphere or in land utilization. Earlier in the beginnings of Earth's history climate changes were normally induced by different vibrant processes on Earth but recently it is caused by human activities. This is the reason that in our everyday talks the term climate change refers to climate change caused by global warming. The most disposed signs of climate change are glaciers that are presently melting at rapid level which entails climate change has already began. This time, climate change is only due to the recent human activities and had resulted in global warming process. Today, Global warming has become synonym for climate change due to its role in climate change. Undue emission of injurious greenhouse gases into atmosphere is causing a raise in average temperature that in turn is affecting the climate on Earth (What is climate change, 2001). The use of fossil fuels as a dominant aspect is continuing to emit CO2 and other greenhouse gases into atmosphere that is causing even more grave effects to climate change. With the rise in temperature globally effects like severe changes in weather patterns, climbing sea levels and increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather is been experienced. The world’ most susceptible areas are around Earth's poles and Africa and these areas had already started experiencing momentous increase in average temperature. The depressing fact is that one can’t stop climate change and can only make attempt to adjust to it and not making it worse with its own activities. Our own activities induced global warming and at this time all of us are confronted with the climate change as our most prominent environmental challenge. Although, all of us are already aware of climate change but still lacking in our activities to stop further increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. For dealing with this present environmental challenge, there is a need to work vigorously for a global agreement to control climate change and to take possible domestic actions to attain satisfying diminutions in our own contribution. Discussion

Significance & Scope of the Issue
The management of the severe environmental challenge is essential as otherwise it could direct us towards drastic results. Already climate change is responsible for 300,000 deaths a year in accordance to former UN secretary general Kofi Annan's think tank, the Global Humanitarian Forum. The study generated by the Global Humanitarian Forum also claims that approximate 300 million people in a year are affected by the outcomes of climate change (The Human Impact of Climate Change, 2009). Climate change is not only an all-encompassing menace but it is also an arbitrary threat-multiplier. With the affects of climate change a number of vulnerable communities of this planet can get destroyed (2009 Forum-Human Impact of Climate Change, 2009). The devastating effects of our development and measures for national, regional and global security are not measurable presently, but slowly or gradually its affects will start appearing along with destruction. The different studies done in this field projects that the increasing severity of events, like flooding and storms due to climate change will be accountable for approximately 500,000 deaths a year by 2030. Currently climate change is stimulating losses of over $125bn a year that is greater...

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