Human Capital Management Case Study: When Barry Met Sammy

Topics: Value, Labor theory of value, Management Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 20, 2011
When Barry Met Sammy
Barry joined the organization in 2001 and the cost of Barry is $ 782 and amortized over 10 years $ 78.20 per Annam and Sammy also joined as marketing manager in 2001 and Sammy’s cost to organization is $189,742 per Annam. Barry came to organization with a bar code which was scanned and attached to the depreciation schedule and Sammy came to organization with resume which was lost after she hired. and each year accountants makes value of Barry and Sammy butt the increase in value of Barry is not recorded any where and then after five year organization make Barry upgrade and the upgraded cost of Barry is recorded in depreciation schedule and with the upgrading of Barry Sammy make her self upgrade as well by getting her master degree in digital design and she was considered the most talented in her sector and unfortunately Sammy’s new skills are not listed any where, neither the cost of her study .The CEO of organization makes strategies every year and Barry does not knows her part of strategies neither dose Sammy butt with this both of them keep doing their job hoping that organization will make any strategy for them. Due to Barry’s good performance client make comments on Barry that every one is proud of Barry and the other hand Sammy show good performance by developing the best digital marketing campaign the organization has ever had and by following that plan sales increased by 40 % then Sammy feels great about this but nobody gives credit to her on her job butt Barry got promotion and shifted to head office meeting room. Then suddenly Sammy She hears about the role after it has just been offered to a person with less experience, less formal qualifications and knows nothing about the organization he was appointed from outside the organization then Sammy gets frustrated and request a meeting with HR President on the request of Sammy The meeting is booked here as Sammy enters the board room, she meets a young accountant who has...
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